About Us


The Everyday Chef and Wife with son Jeremiah -16 months old

We are a duo that completes each other in even the craziest of ways. Jason (The Everyday Chef)  has had a passion for cooking since his parents bought him his own Fisher-Price Kitchen set when he was five. He decided to follow his dreams and go to culinary school. The love of food has only increased! He loved it so much that he decided to start his own business for being a personal chef and caterer in the Grand Rapids, MI area. (We do travel for jobs though!)

Kate (Wife) went to school for photography. Her passion is Fine Art photography, but didn’t want to be a starving artist, so she married a chef. To fill her time she started her own photography business, doing weddings, senior portraits, family sessions, kid sessions or anything else her clients request. She has discovered that her new passion is photographing food. Also, because she can eat it when she’s done.

So The Everyday Chef was born! Jason being a personal chef/caterer and Kate writing and photographing about it. We are loving this new phase in life and can’t wait to see where it goes!

Drop us an email or comment! We love connecting with new people and expanding our “family of foodies”!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Am checking personal chefs in the area to cook for my husband and I in the time that I have chemo. Will start chemo after T-giving.

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