A night to myself

I took a night to myself. A delicious, perfect night. Delicious both in the way of food (of course) and in the mental sense. For my sanity, I looked past most of my mess of a house, put away the dishes that I knew would really get to me, and I soaked up some quietness. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. Without anyone around.

Did you know binge eating buttered rum shrimp was good for you? It fills you up with happiness. That and tiny fresh mozzarella balls, drizzled with olive oil, salt, and fresh cracked pepper on top of artisan bread. I envisioned my stomach laughing, stupidly, from all the wonderful food raining on it, which then made me think of Santa’s belly, jiggling like a bowl full of jelly. I was glad I was alone because I, wearing my gym shorts and one of The Chef’s old t-shirts, felt my sexiness level drop about ten points. So I baked a batch of cookies. Cookie dough I had balled up and frozen myself, for easy and fast access.

Now I sit watching movies that makes my soul happy, and read books by the candlelight, with soft piano music from my childhood.

This night just might make my happy place list.

The Everyday Chef and Wife
– The Wife

The Best Fourth in the North 2015

Two weekends ago, The Chef and I put in a 50 hour work weekend. We. Were. Dead. Three events, back to back, is not something I recommend, nor prefer. To this day, I still don’t know how we made it through. Every hour we were counting the minutes, getting us to the next hour, next task, next day, next event. We dreamed of collapsing into our lack-of-time-unmade bed. On Sunday, we could see the light. We got through, packed up, and started to come home at about 11pm (which was the earliest by a long shot we had been coming home). Then I got the call. 

The Child was throwing up. 

What?! No! I get to go to sleep now! That was the plan! Parenthood. Always throwing you curveballs and making you, once again, an AMC late night special of the Walking Dead. Curse you for making me so unbearably exhausted but still love it enough to give me the energy for cleaning yam-yam at midnight, while going on 3 hours of sleep and an 18 hour workday. 

We needed to get out of dodge. We packed our bags and headed north! 

We camped out at Oma’s (the wife’s mom) lake house, to soak up as much freaking tranquility that the good Lord could muster. And other than the mishap of The Dog running through the tent, leaving a lab/Shepard size hole in the screen, due to fireworks being set off, it was heaven. The Child fished and played with cousins, The Chef played pyrotechnic, and I lounged on an oversized floating island from Costco. 

We may or may not have threw a tantrum when we had to leave on Monday. 


  One of my happy places

   My seester ❤ <3… And the best photobomb ever 

   My love
   The works of fire! 

We are now counting down until the next time we get to go back up. Good thing we love what we do! Work’s not work when you’re having fun! 

-The Everyday Chef and Wife 










New Years Goal 2015- Something for the mind, body, and soul

We don’t like resolutions.

But we do like to think of goals of how to better ourselves in the next year. Something to strive for, giving a little room for set backs, but with enough motivation behind it to drive us through the year. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is getting a facelift, because no one is perfect. “Practice makes permanent” as our pastor just taught us last Sunday, are words to live by!

This year The Chef and I are slightly continuing our goal from last year, only with more oomph. We are going handmade and homemade, baby! Down to the wire as much as we possibly can. We are going to try to figure out how to make as much of our own food instead of buying processed, packaged foods.

We did pretty good last year, with making our own pizza, ice cream, pasta, mascarpone cheese, and various other things. But the problem was, we didn’t plan properly. We would make things here and there when we had time and thought of a new recipe to blog, and then when it was inconvenient, we would go out and buy the product. What’s that about?

Oh yea. I had no motivation.

This year I want to strive to make (and pre-make) as much of our food as we can. Also, keeping track of our grocery bill each month to see how much we’re actually saving. And on the way I really want to talk and learn more about what preservatives, gmo’s, fillers, and other unnecessary chemicals are being used in store bought items and how they effect our body.

We want to be healthy, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to use sugar, heavy cream, and butter, but we want to be wholesome in how we eat, in monitored portions. Because it’s not always what you eat, but how much. Moderation is key.

Obviously there are going to be things we can’t make, because unless The Chef is hiding the fact that he can crap an egg, I think we’re going to have to go the buying route. Where we are saving money on not buying convenient food, we’ll be putting it into better quality (organic, gmo free) products wherever we can.

There are going to be failures of recipes (oh so many…), and I know I’m going to want to quit. Please stand by us and be patient as we learn.

We are so excited with the changes and goals we are setting. Here we come 2015!


– The Everyday Chef and Wife

Countdown to Christmas! Holiday shopping and dancing in cars

Today I escaped for a hot second out of the the chaos of a house being prepared for holiday festivities and went to Joann’s to buy some “filler gifts” and yarn, which I will never have enough of, despite what The Chef says. He’s crazy.

I put on my jolly hat, (it being jolly because the ball on top wiggles around when you move your head) and I cranked the music.

I cranked it LOUD.

And I danced HARD.

My poof ball was having a friggen hay day. I decided I was being a light unto the people around me, and I imagined them having an awful day amongst ba-humbugs, and the sight of seeing me with my magnificent poof ball moving gracefully with my incredibly head banging might have just made their day a tad bit brighter.

It sure as heck made my day a little brighter.

Merry Christmas er’body.


The Wife

Dinner Tonight 10-27-14

I’m writing to you in a freshly made bed with a huge comfy sweatshirt on. One of The Chef’s sweatshirts. There is a magnificent feeling of crawling into a bed with freshly washed sheets. What feeling is that? I feel like there’s not even a word that properly describes.

It’s similar to the feeling of sinking your teeth into a slice of pizza. I’m not talking about the mass chain pizza slices. I’m talking about great pizza. There has only been a few times in my life where I have felt such utter blissful indulgence when biting into a pizza, and tonight was one of them.

I made an accelerated version of artisan bread dough/pizza dough, where I put
2 2/3 cup of warm water
1 Tbsp (yes Tablespoon) of active dry yeast
6 cups of bread flour
1 Tbsp salt

I let it rise for 1 1/2- 2 hours for the first rise. Quartered it off, used one quarter for the pizza and froze the rest in their sections.
2nd rise for 1 1/2 hours.
Preheat the oven for an hour with your pizza stones/unglazed quarry tiles in for the preheat.

The Chef made this exquisite masterpiece tonight with a garlic butter sauce, fresh mozzarella, and Brussles sprouts, broccoli, and pepperoni for toppings. We’ve made this pizza before and it’s always been a knockout but tonight he completely outdid himself.

If I was a rich girl, I would be opening up a pizzeria tomorrow so I could let you try a slice. The only enjoyment about being full, was the reminder that leftovers would be available for lunch tomorrow.

I’m just sorry you won’t be there.

Not really. More for me.

-The Wife- IMG_4510.JPG

Dinner Tonight 10-26-14

Tonight The Chef and I decided to have a little fall date night in tonight. Something that isn’t uncommon around this time of year. Nothing sounds better to me than snuggling up watching an classic “fall” movie while eating dinner next to candles and or a fire.

After one of the last warm days we’ll probably see this year, and The Child jumping into leaves with the neighborhood kids, The Chef and I turned on some Christmas music (I make him listen to it this early. I love Christmas music!!) and started doing our daily waltz around the kitchen.

Here is a peak of our view. IMG_4503.JPG
I crave monster cookies this time of year, and tonight was a perfect night to make some. The Chef calls it irony. I call it scrumptious. We have about 10 acorn squashes leftover from an event so The Chef tried to put some to use. He cut it in half, scrapped out the seeds, and added oil, cinnamon, brown sugar, and reduced maple brown ale from a previous recipe. He roasted it in the oven at 350 deg for roughly 30 minutes and 400 deg for another 40. Normally you don’t have to roast them for that long but I was baking cookies and made some homemade fries. We just figure they could stay put and keep warm. Piping hot, really.
I can’t get enough of homemade fries. They’re easy and relatively healthy, and don’t take that long. I might go as far to say I like them better than deep fried fries. Is that proclaiming too much? Is that sacrilegious? Either way, I love em. Cut up some taters, toss them in some oil, salt and pepper them and roast on 400 deg until they’re tender. It’s up to you how crispy you want them.

We then made burgers. Ooooh man burgers. My go to meal. If I could eat a burger for everyday for the rest of my life, and not gain an ounce, I would. It’s not really even a question.

For our entertainment, The Chef chose the first pick of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charley Brown!” It’s a favorite and a tradition. We had just put The Child down for bed when we started it and changed our minds and pulled him out, convinced that he needed to experience it with us. He snuggled up next to me and helped me eat my fries. I think we gained some major parent points tonight in that kids eyes. It’s not going to become a habit though.

Since the Charley Brown movie was only 20 minutes long (and after The Child was tucked back into bed), I chose the movie Clue.

Have you ever seen the movie Clue? It’s fantastic. The game was one of my favorites growing up, and seeing it brought to life makes it that much better. I also really enjoy the old movies with slapstick, and weird humor, with just a little mystery. Like Young Frankenstein, or the Goonies. You can’t beat em. So good right??

Fall nights like this are my favorite! I’m excited to see what date night in we’ll do next 🙂

Ps. Any good ideas of what to do with 9 acorn squashes? Running out of ideas…

-The Everyday Chef and Wife-

Our Fall Trip in Northern Michigan

I keep breaking promises, don’t I? I am failing miserable at getting more delicious recipes to you. But don’t give up on me yet! The Chef and I are rescheduling our hectic calenders so we can fit way more in. I miss it!

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about our adventures up north. I had a photography job up in my hometown of Cheboygan, so The Chef and I decided to take a much needed mini vacay and stay for a few days with my mumsie. The trees were in their prime for fall colors. It felt like we had jumped the pond over to somewhere in Europe. We went for a drive over to Harbor Springs, and drove through the tunnel of trees. Can I just say I AM DYING TO LIVE THERE!! As it has been proven many times over, Michigan, especially the coast of Michigan, is the most beautiful place in America. No questions asked.

I feel like if I wrote out everything, it would be a book. And probably only interesting to me. So I’ll show pictures in hopes that you find it a bit more appealing and entertaining. I’ll give quick narration along the way.

Now some of these are taken on the iphone, so bare with me if the quality is sub-par….

The Tunnel of Tree’s around Harbor Springs.

Can you beat this countryside?? It’s a poor man’s trip to Ireland.The Everyday Chef and Wife

We stopped off at the cutest little General Store off of M119. They had a “free little library” (something I’ve always wanted to see), and we treated ourselves to a Pumpkin Spice Topper. It was like a pumpkin spiced cream cheese whoopie pie. Holy amazing, Batman!

Next we stopped at Pond Hill Farm. Such a cute place! The Child L.O.V.E.D all the animals. It was his Christmas morning. He even got to sit in a huge tractor (another dream come true for him)! You can tell The Chef thoroughly enjoyed himself as well… So glad Oma took us to this little gem! Check them out if you’re ever in the area!

We stopped by Petoskey because The Chef had never really wandered through the town, and while there we had sandwiches at Symon’s General Store. I still dream about that sandwich. From the outside you wouldn’t guess they would offer to-go sandwiches (much less AH-mazing sandwiches), but it’s a secret that needs to be shared! Eat there! Have the Shipwreck sandwich. You won’t regret it. AND highlight for me was seeing my friend, Sarah Tule’s (May), artwork displayed in one of the galleries downtown! I squealed “Hey! I know her!!!” and did a little happy dance for her success!! I love seeing my friends following their dreams!!

I seriously couldn’t get over the GORGEOUSNESS!!


The Child loved to go on “safari’s” through the property.

And probably my favorite part of the photographs… Our wonderfully talented, flying dog. He loves them apples…

It was a fun-filled break, as you can see. We are now back in the office (a.k.a the dining room table) and putting our heads to the grindstone to continue on this ever-learning adventure of being small business owners. We are loving it!!

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See you soon!!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife-

Fall, it’s so great to see you again…

How else to start a fall season perfectly than by going to an apple orchard?? After church Liz and Keith told us they were heading up there to get apples so she can make an apple pie. We decided to bust in on their fun and go with them.

It was a phenomenal day. Everyday should be this apple pickin good.


There is nothing better than picking your own apples, eating fresh made apple cinnamon, and pumpkin doughnuts, and drinking ice cold apple cider. All on a chilled day with with sunshine and friends 🙂 Aaahhh. I can hear the commercial being made as we speak…

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all! The Chef’s schedule has been a wee bit hectic, which means I’m on double duty with all the other work (plus watching the kid). I will be blogging about food again soon!!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife-

A photographic day in the life of The Everyday Chef and Wife

Wondering what we do when we’re not cooking? Well I won’t photograph us doing paperwork, blogging or house work because that would be about the most boring post on the planet. But I will show you the slightly more exciting side.

I did say slightly right?……….

A couple little friends we found near and in the garden



Fall leaf

The signs that fall is near!!

Homegrown pumpkins

My favorite thing to grow: Pumpkins! It reminds me of what is around the corner. Can you tell what my favorite season is?

Breakfast- Tea and Mini Carrot cake

My breakfast of tea and mini carrot bundt cake. It’s healthy right? It’s got carrots in it! 😉

Roasted tomatoes. There should be no other way to eat tomatoes...

Roasted tomatoes. There should be no other way to eat tomatoes…

Roasted Tomatoes

Homemade Mac and Cheese with Roasted Tomatoes. One of my favorites!!

Homemade Mac and Cheese with Roasted Tomatoes. One of my favorites!!

Thanks for spending time with us today!

-The Wife-



Our Day in the Sun

Holy relaxing day batman!

My (The Wife’s) family was getting together over at my moms first cousins house over on Lake Angelus, MI. The Chef and I were super excited because we were going to see family we hadn’t seen since Christmas, including my moms cousin who sent me an amazing cookbook featuring recipes from the refugee women who fled from different cultures to America. The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are authentic and look incredible. I have been biting at the bullet to try out some of the dishes. I think that will be my fall project.

I was really excited to be able to chat more with Rosalie (said cousin) and spend time at her place. I have the best memories there. It is the coziest lake house/cabin that I have ever stepped foot in. It is filled with antiques past down from generations. It’s surrounded by trees, but has huge yard for Eli (our pooch) and The Child to run around with the picturesque Lake Angelus at the bottom of the knoll. I could not wait to get my relaxation on!

Sunday night the other family members left and we had already planned to spend the night. Miah and Rosalie spent the evening reading books on the four season porch and The Chef and I cleaned up from the day. Rosalie insisted that we shouldn’t and was saying how many dishes we did and I explained that the amount was a fraction of the dishes that we created in a single day (with only three people) when The Chef is cooking…

The next morning we woke up and immediately went down to the lake. Rosalie made a pot of tea and English muffins with homemade strawberry jam her daughter had made. The weather was perfection so we ate outside. The rest of the day was spent down at the lake soaking up rays, playing in the water, eating grilled cheese with avocado, getting a family history from Aunt Mimi, who stopped by, and Rosalie, and soaking up more sun.

It was heaven.

Our arrival. Isn't this just the cutest house ever??

Our arrival. Isn’t this just the cutest house ever??

Miah was super excited to be here...

Miah was super excited to be here…

Playing in water. We had a break through! He actually started to like it!

Playing in water. We had a break through! He actually started to like it!

Lake Angelus

Early morning riser. Couldn’t wait to get down to the lake!

Mommy and Son. Whenever he sees the camera (or iphone) he says "pictures!" I have a future photographer on my hands... Hashtag proud

Mommy and Son. Whenever he sees the camera (or iphone) he says “pictures!” I have a future photographer on my hands… Hashtag proud

Daddy and Son time. Talking about life and fish.

Daddy and Son time. Talking about life and fish.

Getting our morning tea ready with German rock sugar.

Getting our morning tea ready with German rock sugar.

A perfect breakfast of tea and English muffins with homemade strawberry jam

A perfect breakfast of tea and English muffins with homemade strawberry jam

The front of the house, through trees.

The front of the house, through trees.

I don't think it could look more tranquil if it tried...

I don’t think it could look more tranquil if it tried…

Getting my relaxation on

Getting my relaxation on

My brave boy

My brave boy

Though he is in P.J's, he is fierce!

Though he is in P.J’s, he is fierce!

A water battle about to commence...

A water battle about to commence…

Eli’s tail is droopy from sore muscles caused by full days of swimming. He is still sleeping it off. And we are counting down the days until we can go back.

Thank you Rosalie for such a memorable and relaxing mini vacay! We cannot wait for our return!! Next time we need to get you in some pictures too!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife… And Child… And Dog-