Countdown to Christmas! Holiday shopping and dancing in cars

Today I escaped for a hot second out of the the chaos of a house being prepared for holiday festivities and went to Joann’s to buy some “filler gifts” and yarn, which I will never have enough of, despite what The Chef says. He’s crazy.

I put on my jolly hat, (it being jolly because the ball on top wiggles around when you move your head) and I cranked the music.

I cranked it LOUD.

And I danced HARD.

My poof ball was having a friggen hay day. I decided I was being a light unto the people around me, and I imagined them having an awful day amongst ba-humbugs, and the sight of seeing me with my magnificent poof ball moving gracefully with my incredibly head banging might have just made their day a tad bit brighter.

It sure as heck made my day a little brighter.

Merry Christmas er’body.


The Wife

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