Our Fall Trip in Northern Michigan

I keep breaking promises, don’t I? I am failing miserable at getting more delicious recipes to you. But don’t give up on me yet! The Chef and I are rescheduling our hectic calenders so we can fit way more in. I miss it!

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about our adventures up north. I had a photography job up in my hometown of Cheboygan, so The Chef and I decided to take a much needed mini vacay and stay for a few days with my mumsie. The trees were in their prime for fall colors. It felt like we had jumped the pond over to somewhere in Europe. We went for a drive over to Harbor Springs, and drove through the tunnel of trees. Can I just say I AM DYING TO LIVE THERE!! As it has been proven many times over, Michigan, especially the coast of Michigan, is the most beautiful place in America. No questions asked.

I feel like if I wrote out everything, it would be a book. And probably only interesting to me. So I’ll show pictures in hopes that you find it a bit more appealing and entertaining. I’ll give quick narration along the way.

Now some of these are taken on the iphone, so bare with me if the quality is sub-par….

The Tunnel of Tree’s around Harbor Springs.

Can you beat this countryside?? It’s a poor man’s trip to Ireland.The Everyday Chef and Wife

We stopped off at the cutest little General Store off of M119. They had a “free little library” (something I’ve always wanted to see), and we treated ourselves to a Pumpkin Spice Topper. It was like a pumpkin spiced cream cheese whoopie pie. Holy amazing, Batman!

Next we stopped at Pond Hill Farm. Such a cute place! The Child L.O.V.E.D all the animals. It was his Christmas morning. He even got to sit in a huge tractor (another dream come true for him)! You can tell The Chef thoroughly enjoyed himself as well… So glad Oma took us to this little gem! Check them out if you’re ever in the area!

We stopped by Petoskey because The Chef had never really wandered through the town, and while there we had sandwiches at Symon’s General Store. I still dream about that sandwich. From the outside you wouldn’t guess they would offer to-go sandwiches (much less AH-mazing sandwiches), but it’s a secret that needs to be shared! Eat there! Have the Shipwreck sandwich. You won’t regret it. AND highlight for me was seeing my friend, Sarah Tule’s (May), artwork displayed in one of the galleries downtown! I squealed “Hey! I know her!!!” and did a little happy dance for her success!! I love seeing my friends following their dreams!!

I seriously couldn’t get over the GORGEOUSNESS!!


The Child loved to go on “safari’s” through the property.

And probably my favorite part of the photographs… Our wonderfully talented, flying dog. He loves them apples…

It was a fun-filled break, as you can see. We are now back in the office (a.k.a the dining room table) and putting our heads to the grindstone to continue on this ever-learning adventure of being small business owners. We are loving it!!

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See you soon!!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife-

Fall, it’s so great to see you again…

How else to start a fall season perfectly than by going to an apple orchard?? After church Liz and Keith told us they were heading up there to get apples so she can make an apple pie. We decided to bust in on their fun and go with them.

It was a phenomenal day. Everyday should be this apple pickin good.


There is nothing better than picking your own apples, eating fresh made apple cinnamon, and pumpkin doughnuts, and drinking ice cold apple cider. All on a chilled day with with sunshine and friends 🙂 Aaahhh. I can hear the commercial being made as we speak…

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all! The Chef’s schedule has been a wee bit hectic, which means I’m on double duty with all the other work (plus watching the kid). I will be blogging about food again soon!!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife-

Baked “Smashed” Potato & Grilled Avocado with Mustard Cream Sauce

_MG_8848Want an easy lunch or perfect side to any dinner? For only $9.99 + shipping and handling, this amazing product will be yours. But wait! If you call within the next ten minutes….

Ok sorry, I didn’t know how else to start out this blog post… And seriously $9.99? Try  more like $.99…

First step: Turn your oven on to 350˚.

Pop in your favorite kind of potato (we used red skins). Poke it a couple times with a fork so it lets out the steam. Let it cook till a fork easily slides through (35-40 min).

While it’s cooking heat a grill pan on med-high heat with the ridges rubbed down with oil. Once it’s sizzling, place the cut and seeded avocado onto the pan. Let it grill for about 3-5 min. For perfect sear marks, DON’T lift up to check the bottom. Just go with your gut. If you must, do it carefully.

The gorgeousness of a grilled avocado is how it obtains another level of creaminess. Holy crow it’s just delicious. It makes it look like it just came out of a restaurant menu, and who wouldn’t want that?

When potato is fully cooked, use the back of a cool pan, potato smasher, or if you’re the hulk, your face. Press down until the sides explodes and it’s flat on top. Place avocado on top of potato and drizzle with mustard cream sauce. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

We have had requests to hav ultra healthy recipes, so if you would like to have a healthier variety, instead of mustard cream, try pesto, EVOO and garlic salt, dijon mustard and oil, or any light in fat toppings you prefer.

:Recipe for the Mustard Cream sauce if you do want to try it (and I think you should…):

1/2 C. cream (this makes quite a bit, so don’t think you’re about to put 1/2 C. of cream on your healthy potato..)

1 1/2 tsp dijon mustard

3 drops of Frank’s Hot Sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until you get a slightly thicker texture. (A quick spin in a blender/food processor will work too.)

You can determine how ever much to put on your dish. If you feel like it needs a little bit more “moisture” put some EVOO (instead of butter)  on the potato. The avocado does add quite a bit to the creaminess factor, but everyone has their own preference. Make it as healthy or unhealthy as you want! YOLO! …Oh lord…

Let us know what toppings you decided on! Did you mix any of the ideas? Get creative!! But let us know so it can inspire others too!!

Happy tummies everyone!

The Everyday Wife…. Ha…

Anytime of the Day Meal: Mushroom’s, Fried Bread, Baked Egg’s in a Red Wine and Cream Sauce


I’m having a love affair with this dish… Don’t worry, The Chef is well aware.

Yes people, I- The Wife- created this little accomplishment BY MYSELF! The Chef loved it. The first time I made it, he asked for it again the next day. This doesn’t happen very often. He is not a fan a leftovers, and usually has to have a break of the same dish for at least a week or two before he wants it again. The best thing, it makes you feel like your eating at some cute little bistro in paris, yet it’s so darn simple. Pump your fists in the air, we have ourselves a winner.

I read a recipe in my Martha Stewart magazine that had a mushroom skillet with flatbread and baked eggs and I thought “I could do this.” And boy did I do this. I modified a tad though. Her recipe calls for white wine.  I like red wine with mushrooms better, and who doesn’t like cream?? This dish is pretty friendly for versatility, so even your lovely selves can makes some changes, if you prefer. Instead of red wine you could try a dijon flavor, or just cream. I might even try that myself….

The earthiness of the mushrooms pairs so perfectly with a drier, full body red wine (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chianti, etc.). It starts to mold into some type of meat-esque flavor, which “beefs” up the whole dish. (Pun intended…) The fried bread soaks up some of the wine/cream sauce and it gathers the flavors into this little pocket of heaven. And the egg adds a velvety richness that always makes your fork go for another bite before you finish the last. Mmmmm scrumptious!!! _MG_8875

What you’ll need:

8-10 oz Baby bella mushrooms-sliced or quartered (shitake mushrooms or big portabella’s would work too. Just cut to a good eating size.)

2-2 1/2 C. Large chunk bread- measure once cut

4 Eggs

2 or more Tbsp cooking oil

2 Cloves of garlic

3/4 C. Red wine

1/2 C. Cream

Salt and Pepper

Preheat the oven to 425˚.

To start out with grab some bread that you need to use up, preferably an artisan bread/baguette. (What works really well is The Everyday Chef artisan bread that you made and you need to use up the last little bit.. Link found here) Cut the bread up into large chunks. _MG_8873

In a cast iron skillet or non-stick pan, add 1 Tbsp oil and heat to med-high. Toast until browned on almost all sides. Put aside in bowl.

In the same skillet, heat up 1 Tbsp of oil. Peel and cut the garlic into large minced pieces. Cook in oil until tan. With the mushrooms already sliced- add to oil and garlic. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Caramelize mushrooms, being careful not to crowd the mushrooms. Crowding just steams them. I asked Jason how many is too many and he said when they are on top of each other and don’t have any room to move. The amount in the pictures is just on the verge of too many.

When the mushrooms are nicely browned, pour in the wine– deglazing the pan. Get all the flavorful browned bits off of the bottom of that pan!! Then add the cream. Mix it all together. Add in the fried bread.

Drop the eggs on. Put the whole skillet in the oven and bake. The time depends on how well you like the egg yolk. If you like it runnier, check it after 3-5 min. More if needed/you like a more done egg. With a runnier yolk, it creates another level of sauce that mixes in splendidly with the red wine and cream.


Sprinkle with salt and pepper and you are ready to serve! This feeds anywhere from 2-4 people.

Oh man it’s so yummy. I seriously can’t wait to make this again.

Please let us know how you like it! Did you stick to the recipe or did you wander down your own path? We’d love to hear other varieties and how they turned out!!

Happy tummies everyone!

The Wife (and The Everyday Chef says hi)




The Everyday Chef and Wife: Geared Up and Ready to Go!


We took a brief (or not so brief) hiatus over the fall, which then fell into the holidays. The wife had her busy “wedding season” time with photography, and felt that she should focus on that, until the client work was done. Then the holidays happen. What a whirlwind that was…

I am very happy to announce that we are biting at the bullet to get into this with full vim and vigor! I, (Kate-The Wife), have missed this immensely- enough so that I am wanting to focus on this more full time. That’s right. No weddings for 2014! I will be doing small jobs, simply because I love it. But, I have come to realize that this is the area I want to pursue. So bring it on food photography and blogging! I am going to be finding out more about myself through these next couple of months. Hopefully and prayerfully, I’m up for the challenge…

I might be tweaking the blog at times- giving it a “Good enough for a Chef to eat” feel.  A lot of times I feel inadequate with my cooking abilities when I have a talented chef (like my Jason-The Everyday Chef) living in my midst. Yes, star-stuck-ness does happen when I taste some of his mouthwatering-jaw dropping-feet dancing meals, but a chef needs to eat (and doesn’t want to cook all the time-can you image?!)too. So I want the WORLD to know that you CAN make meals good enough for a chef to eat, because believe me: if I can make it… YOU can make it.

PLEASE stay tuned for what is coming up next. And we would LOVE if you guys dropped us a note, telling us what you thought and if you had any ideas that you would love to see in the pages of this blog.

We are so glad to be back!

The Everyday Chef and Wife

A few pictures from the holidays–

Gorgeous ice...Not so gorgeous to drive on...

Gorgeous ice…Not so gorgeous to drive on…

Jeremiah showing more interested in photography, than being IN the picture. That's my boy!

Jeremiah showing more interested in photography, than being IN the picture. That’s my boy!