A catering event for the books!

Sometimes I wish I could just attend the parties we throw, instead of working them (behind the scenes, babysitting, etc.). This past weekend The Chef threw one heck of a partay. I was able to help with the creation of the dessert small bites (and by that I mean I thought of them and tried them out to see how they would work… I didn’t actually make them for the event. A professional did that :P). I love all the events that The Chef’s done, but since I was able to see photographic proof of this one, I wish I could’ve attended as a guest. I would have ate my whole weights worth.

I’m not going to tell you how much that is though.

I made a call to my photography colleague/friend from college, Marcella, who also graduated in photography, if she wouldn’t mind running down to the event to capture the deliciousness of the party. Let me tell you, it looked AH-mazing! (and I’ve had some of the left overs and those are pretty fantabulous as well.) She did so fantastic. We have booked her for future events when I’m stuck at home with The Little Man… Thank you Marcella!!!

The Chef did pasta stations where you can custom create your own plate with noodle types, sauces and toppings, along with different appetizers and charcuterie boards, cheese platters (cheese from Appertivo at the Downtown Market), and homemade desserts. I think my favorite is the ice bowls that we made with pansies and herbs frozen inside, encompassing Love’s Ice Cream’s Pumpkin and Thyme Sorbet, and also the homemade caramel corn (my recipe :)) in paper cones that they received right as they walked into the venue. “Please beam me right into that party, Scotty.”

Photo Credit to Marcella Jo Photography

*Descriptions of what each item is can be seen when hovering over the photo.*

Pasta Station

Small bites

Homemade Desert – Made by Brigitte Fouch

The Chef even did a cooking demonstration on grilling tips and techniques and how to make the Pots de Créme!

Thank you to everyone who helped out and made it a great event! Thank you to the Downtown Market for being such a great venue to work at! It is gorgeous!! A special thanks to Appertivo, Field and Fire, and Love’s Ice Cream for helping us out! You guys rock! We love doing business with you!

We are ready for more! We can’t wait to show off your dream parties and ideas!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife


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