The Chef’s Birthday!!

Happy birthday weekend to the wonderful Chef (and husband 😉 ) in my life!! We had such a fun weekend over in his home town, Port Huron, MI. I wanted to go over desperately because they have an annual 27 mile long antique yard sale trail going up the shoreline. Last year I went for the first time and found so many treasures, for such a good price! I had to go this year. The night before I laid in bed just thinking of all the little treasures to be discovered… BY ME!

We found so many great old wooden crates. We are slowing redoing parts of our house and I feel that you can never have too many wooden crates. What would’ve been $25 over in Grand Rapids was now $5 and under. Score!! I found eclectic little paintings and pictures to hang for my growing collages and I even found some Christmas presents that I can’t wait to wrap!! (Shhh I’m not telling who for…)

On The Chef’s birthday we went out for dinner, which seemed like a holiday itself. We ditched the kid and ran! We’re guessing it’s been about 3 months since we went out for dinner, just the two of us… I could be wrong, buuuut it actually felt like a year. We ate on a rooftop patio, lit by globe string lights, and talked about the business. Even when we’re not working, we’re working! We love it so much!!

Family dinners and bonfires are a tradition, and a tradition that always turns into lots of laughter and late night talks around embers. And of course I ate too many s’mores.

You’re killing me Smalls!

And this year Gramps (don’t you just love that name, Chance?) brought out the 4-wheeler that’s been out of commission for 3 years. Us “married-in” girls (Becca, Cathy and I) even took it for a ride, with me at the wheel. I’m sure the neighbors a mile away could hear the screams and giggles.

Darn it girls! We forgot to take a selfie! 😉

Today we went to the beach with the family and tried to get The Kid out into the water. That didn’t go so hot. This kid could look at water all day, but if his toe touches wetness (unless it’s a muddy puddle), goodnight folks! He’s done. He’s not really even a fan of walking on sand. The Chef tried to use some tough love and put him straight in it, which The Kid promptly turned around and walked on The Chef’s feet.

Geez oh Pete’s.

But it was still wonderful.

Father and son



Birthday dinner date!


The Kid found a treasure of his own while antiquing… The Magic School Bus be darned!!


The Kid’s first time 4-wheeling


All tuckered out


If you want, leave a Happy Birthday wish for The Chef in the comments below! He would love it 🙂

Happy birthday, love!! Thank you for such an amazing life that you’re giving us! Love ya!!

-The Wife-

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