Velvety Smooth, Homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream


The winning flavor, with the recipe, as promised!

I’m honestly a little hesitant to give out this recipe. It’s that good.  But it’s too good not to give out, and our main purpose is to make sure you have your hands on some ridiculously good recipes so you can “wow” that friend of yours who might make a lemon meringue pie better than you.

We’ve all done it… Amiright?

I learned something when reading recipes, not from blogs. They leave out “a lot” of details! I miss hearing about the experience and the kind voice saying (reading), “‘this’ might happen but dont’ fret! It’s supposed to do that even though it looks wrong!” We tried out this creation a while ago and no notes were made that would’ve given me great comfort. So I will make sure I will tell you all that I learned so you don’t sweat and stink all over and almost dump out a could be masterpiece.

Now this recipe is absolutely 100% achievable. But you will not find it in the “5-minute Ice cream recipe” section of anywhere. It takes a little time, but if you follow all the instructions and go slowly and confidently, you will attain “udder” success. See what I did there?


I’m sorry I did not do step by step with photos for this recipe. It was at night, the lighting was horrible, we did it on a whim, and it definitely saved me some time and stress. I deeply apologize. But you can do it without!  I’ll still make it entertaining.




For the Caramel gather:

-1 cup sugar (we used organic evaporated cane juice from Costco–the green bag. The flavor brings just a little more vanilla than regular– that’s in all recipes as well, not just this one)
-1 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
-1/2 sea salt
-1 tsp vanilla

Put the sugar in a pot or pan over medium heat. Stir out any clumps, and continue to stir until the sugar starts to melt. It’s ok if you still need to stir for a while even after the sugar starts to melt. Just make sure that it all cooks evenly, but you do want to swirl it especially near the end.. You want the sugar to be a nice amber color.

When the sugar has melted, add the cream. (Please be careful because it will spit at you.) This will also harden the sugar. THAT IS OK! you will just continue to stir it, scrapping down the sides and the bottom of then pan continuously until the sugar has dissolved. The color should be a creamy amber/brown. It took ours a while to dissolve and it did not burn. I was freaking out that it would, but it never did. But you can definitely smell if the sugar/caramel does start to burn. It’s a pretty distinct oder.


Pour the caramel into a bowl and add in the salt and vanilla. Stir until incorporated. Then let it sit and cool to room temp.

For the Ice Cream base gather:

-1 cup of heavy whipping cream
-1 cup of whole milk
-1/4 cup of sugar
-3 eggs
-A candy thermometer or thermometer that goes above 170F˚
-A sieve/ fine mesh strainer
-Ice cream maker

In another pot, combine the cream, milk and sugar over medium heat. Bring to a boil while stirring occasionally and keeping an eye on it.


Meanwhile, crack them eggs and whisk em up in a medium sized glass bowl. When the milk/cream/sugar mixture is boiling, with a ladle and a very slooooow stream, add half the mixture to the eggs while simultaneously whisking, as if to save your life.


This is called tempering the eggs. If you add too much too quickly or not whisking fast enough, you will scramble the eggs. Baby steps, nice and easy and you’ll be fine!


When you have a good amount, you can add the egg mixture back into the pot with the rest of the cream mixture. With the heat still on medium,  stir the mixture until it comes to 170˚F. (Do not boil!) The mixture will be thick, like a custard, and will coat the spoon. Then with a large glass bowl and your sieve/fine mesh stainer, pour the “custard” through the sieve and into the bowl. (This will catch any scrambled egg bits that might’ve popped up…that’s ok!)200

Finally, pour in cooled caramel and stir until well incorporated.

In an ice bath, place the glass bowl so it rests on the ice. Stir the mixture until it’s to room temperature, or pretty close. Pour into ice cream maker and let it work it’s magic! shia-labeouf-magic-gifIt will be more like soft serve when it’s finished so put it in the freezer until completely set up (4+ hours).

But make sure you sample a bit!

Ugh it is heaven. “Udder” heaven.


-The Everyday Chef and Wife (and friend Sarah who helped create the wonderfulness that night)

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