Ice Cream Voting Contest

Ice Cream Flavor Contest

Jason and I were just talking about starting up our good ‘ol ice cream maker. We haven’t used it since we had the munchkin, for whatever reason. Not having any time  or something.

We were debating on what flavor to make. My favorite it Salted Caramel. The way The Chef makes it is out of this world outstanding. It is a perfect combination of sweet and salty. (Me not being a huge fan of ice cream, loves that factor.) But the coffee is also freaking delicious, with it’s velvety smoothness, and pure coffee bean flavor that pounds in your mouth. It’s like a splendid cup of ice coffee in your mouth in ice cream form.

So how do we decide??

We are turning to you! Go over to our Facebook page, (make sure to like us!) and vote on our status what flavor sounds better to you. Also, if you vote and share the status you will be entered to win the chance to choose the next flavors to be voted on! *All recipes will be put on the blog!*

Go vote now!!! Voting closes tonight at 9pm!

-The Everyday Chef and Wife-

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