Continuous Updates Around Here…

Hi All!!

We ARE still alive! We have been going through some major changes, and are trying things out to expand the business. We will be blogging more soon, I promise!

Mexico was amazing! I can’t wait to tell you all about it. While there, my phone decided to turn against me, and I was not able to get some of the amazing pictures that I wanted, but my trusty and amazing travel companions did! I am waiting to grab some from them so I have entertaining illustrations. Believe me, it was definitely entertaining. Just as I knew it would be. Wish we could go straight back!!

I’m hoping you are all cooking and baking away and trying out new recipes. I’d love to hear about how you are trying to better your culinary expertise! If you have any questions, shoot them our way!  The Chef loves good questions. If you have any suggestions that you’d like to see posted, let us know!! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for chef tips and updates! Also follow us on twitter @TheChefandWife. An instagram account is in our future but not there yet, but you can still follow The Wife’s account @Kmcclearen. We put little updates of our daily life, and also yummy food that we happen to stumble upon.

Please share us with your friends too! Make sure they like us, follow us and share us as well. We want to get as much exposure as possible!  Everyone needs some food inspiration in their life, and we’d looove to help out 🙂

And could it be possible that promotions are making their way around here too?? MAAAYYYBBBEEEE! Stay tuned to find out!!

You guys are wonderful!!

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