Chess Pie: You’re Going to Want to Try This…


I hope no one is getting tired of dessert recipes… Because I’m not…

Chess pie is one of the greatest creations that has ever graced the food realm. I will probably say that about a lot of foods, but this one truly is the bee’s knees.

I have been eating chess pie since I was allowed to eat sugar. My family’s bakery makes it, and it quickly became a staple at dinner parties (and especially Easter). Since I am now a couple hundred miles away from the nearest Busken’s Bakery, I decided to take my craving dilemma into my own hands.

Chess pie is really just a pecan pie without the pecans. And I don’t like nuts in my baked goods, so that works out well for me. The Chef (who grew up with pecan pie) is super bummed by this “flaw” of mine, and reminds me of it often. He keeps trying to sneak it in, and my taste buds continue rejecting it. I’ve been a good wife and have excepted many different food expansions (i.e. pepper… I hated pepper before him, and now I use it often, ON MY OWN.. but not in baked goods… no). But I am pretty adamant of keeping nuts out of my baked goods. To me, it ruins it.

Unless it’s German Chocolate cake.

I didn’t ask for my family’s recipe of Chess pie, because I knew I’d blog about it and didn’t want to give away their secrets. If you want a slice, go to Busken’s and grab thee one. (You will not regret it.) This Chess pie recipe came to me in providence from my Country Living Magazine (March 2014). I had been dreaming of this sweet, custardy delight, when lo and behold they had an inspiring recipe jumping off the pages to me. I announced “I’m going to make a Chess pie for pi day!” The Chef replies “can you put pecan’s in it?”


And off I went to make my pie.

When I had contemplated making Chess pie in the past, I thought it was this super long process, with many chances for mistakes. Boy, was I wrong. This is about the easiest pie I’ve ever made. The hardest part was making the pie crust, which is a piece of pie. (…See what I did there?) I think know I spent the most time trying to crimp the darn edges to make the pie look good.

Preheat your oven to 350˚

Start with making a 9″ pie crust.

Then: Beat 3 eggs

Add in 1 1/2 cups sugar

1/2 cup of butter milk (you can either use store bought, left over actual buttermilk from homemade butter, or make you own with 1/2 milk and 1/2 Tbsp of white vinegar or lemon juice–let it sit for 5-10 minutes)

2/3 of a stick (not a cup) of butter-melted

1 Tbsp of AP flour

1 tsp Vanilla

and a dash of salt


_MG_0353Mix and pour into pie shell.

_MG_0385Bake for an hour (I baked mine for 1 hour and 5 min). The top will be golden brown and slightly bubbly, but it should be pretty set up. Let it cool until room temperature (or refrigerate, I like mine cold too)._MG_0400

Slice away, devour and enjoy!

My sister described it as almost a crème bruleè pie. It was slightly different from what I grew up with, but I honestly didn’t care. It was creamy, delectably sweet, with the slight saltiness of the crust cutting the sweetness perfectly. It was simply heaven. And with it being so gosh darn easy, this will definitely be a go-to recipe for me when I need to whip up a dessert. Also, get this, The Chef LOVED it!! He didn’t even make one comment about it lacking pecans. Score!

Thanks Country Living for once again completing me life.

The Wife

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